New Law is Great News for Social Enterprises

We think it’s great news for social enterprises and organisations with a social mission that from January 31st 2013 Public Services in England and Wales will have a legal obligation to take into consideration the Social Value of the services they buy.

The new legislation, the Public Services (Social Value) Act, means that when making purchasing decisions and specifying tender criteria for contracts, public services will always have to consider the social impact of the organisations they buy from.

More Social Enterprises Delivering our Public Services

We hope this means that many more social enterprises will be able to win public sector contracts, and so be able to further enhance their positive impact on society.

We like a win/win outcome!

For more information about the Act and guides on how it will affect both Public Service providers and social enterprises check out the factfiles on the Social Enterprise UK Website.

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Lucky News: NOV 2012

November was a month of hard graft and prep work for us here at Lucky Towers.

We started work on getting our web site together, applied for funding from Unltd, wrote and produced the first prototypes of our first children’s book (watch the web site for more on this), and started to tell people around us about our plans…all in all, a busy, but productive month!

We also published the first of what will be a regular monthly column in the South Wales Evening Post…take a look:

Our First Column…

South Wales Evening Post Article November 2012
South Wales Evening Post Article November 2012

Lucky Media


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What Do YOU Want?

We’ve got loads of ideas, but what we really want to know what would be useful to you and/or your organisation to help you make your own luck.

So, we’d like you to tell us what you’d like to see on this site.  What kinds of things inspire you and what sorts of resources, advice and guidance would you like to see.  Please help us make this site great, by sharing your thoughts with us.

What Would Inspire You?

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What Would Be Useful To You?

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The Big Vision

Creating a Lucky FutureWe’ve got a big vision for a future where people and businesses live and work in a way that fits with their skills, passions and values.

We believe it is possible to create happy, fulfilled lives even if the odds seem stacked against you, and we’re on a mission to prove it.

We’re starting by making changes in our own lives, to follow our passions and create a way of living where there are no boundaries between life and work because we love what we do.

But we want to do more…here’s our big vision…

The Wish List

We would love to help create:

  • A culture of positivity and pro-activity in our society – a ‘can do’ attitude that means people want to go out there and make their lives, and the lives of those around them, better.
  • An education system that allows everyone to reach their full potential and encourages them to believe in their own ability to be successful.
  • Communities of people working together to make positive changes in their local areas through collaborative working, supporting those in need of help and working for each other to make a better place to live in.
  • An enterprising approach to the problems in society – businesses run with a social conscience, and people encouraged to be enterprising in creating positive changes in their own lives.

Making It Happen

We think this can be achieved through a combination of communication, education, and collaborative working.

Our goal is to help make this happen by:

  • Providing individuals and teams with workshops, events and learning experiences to help them make their own luck.
  • Providing inspirational information, particularly stories from real people, told in person or shared through physical or digital media.
  • Using our skills to support other organisations with similar goals and objectives, by providing consultancy or support services.
  • Creating physical spaces where communities can collaborate with each other, share skills and experiences, and encourage each other to make positive change happen.

Want to know more about what we mean and how we think it might work?  Start here…

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Lucky News: Dec 2012

December saw us starting to work with our first clients (fabulous, lovely people), developing content for our web site and nervously sending out copies of our first prototype books to the fiercest critics in the business…kids!

We’ve also been writing a guest blog for one of our fave companies, and the second installment of our ‘Diary of a Social Start-Up’ appeared in the South Wales Evening Post.  See below for more info…

Our First Book…

Chris gets to work on packing up the prototypes…

We’ve been working away on our first book – designed to inspire kids to make their own luck and develop enterprising characteristics from a very young age.

We sent out our first prototypes as Christmas gifts to some willing volunteers, and can’t wait to hear what they think of the book, and to get cracking on finalising it for publication.

We’re UnLtd Award Winners!

UnLtd Award WinnersWe also found out that we have secured funding from the fabulous folks at UnLtd – making us officially UnLtd award winners, and enabling us to develop this web site!

Some of our media work from December…

On the web…

Here’s the link to our guest Blog for Wolfestone Translation ‘Why We Need Translators More than Ever‘.

In the Papers…

And here’s a cutting of our South Wales Evening Post Column on developing our brand identity…

South Wales Evening Post Article December 2012