Watch This! Start Up Kids

If you’ve ever thought of starting your own business, but thought you were too young, too old, didn’t know enough, or just didn’t have time, this is essential viewing.

Candid, open interviews with the founders and funders of some of the most successful (and unsuccessful) tech start-ups of recent years (think Vimeo, Dropbox, Soundcloud and more), this documentary takes a look at what it’ really like to build a tech company from scratch – with all the ups, downs and not quite sure which way is up moments.

Check out the Trailer below, then rent from iTunes here.

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Woohoo – We’ve got 20 Free Books to Give Away!

Did you know that it’s ‘World Book Night‘ this Tuesday (23rd April), a celebration of books, reading, and all things literary?

Well it is, and as we think it’s a brilliant event we volunteered a few months back to help out. So, we’re very excited to have been selected as ‘book givers’ for the event.

The books have arrived, now all we need are some willing readers, so read on to find out more about the books we have to give away and how you can get one for someone you know…

What’s this World Book Night thing all about? Book Night is a fantastic annual event where vast quantities of fantastic books are distributed for free to people across the UK.  It’s aim is to promote books and reading to those who would perhaps not normally read regularly.  The World Book Night team recruits 20,000 volunteers each year (book givers), to distribute 20 copies of a book they’ve chosen from a shortlist.  We love books and reading, so this year we applied to take part and were ‘lucky’ enough to be selected.   This means that we get to give away 20 copies of an amazing and inspiring book to people who will benefit in some way from reading and sharing it.  Cool, huh?

The book we’ve chosen: ‘A Little History of the World’ by E.H.Gombrich

We got to choose one book from a shortlist of fantastic titles (see below), but this one stood out.  If there’s one story you read in your life, this should be it, and it’s a true one….

E.H. Gombrich’s ‘A Little History of the World’ is the epic tale of human history, so strange and exciting that none of us could have imagined it.  He tells it with a vivacity and humour that make this unlike any other history book we’ve ever read.  It’s not long enough to put off the reluctant reader, and will keep you gripped until the end.

And, not only is it an inspiring tale of human endeavour, but it is an inspirational endeavour in and of itself. Written in an intense six week period between the first and second world wars, it represents an astounding achievement in writing.

Little did Gombrich know at the time of writing, however, that the tale of human history was about to take an even more cataclysmic turn in the decade that followed, and his final chapter, written later, reflects on the tumultuous period of history through which he himself lived, ending with an astute summary and prescient look forward at many of the challenges humanity has faced since his conclusion.

‘not only is it an inspiring tale of human endeavour,
but it is an inspirational endeavour in and of itself.’

He ends with the words ‘…we still have the right to go on hoping for a better future’, and he’s right, because without hope (always coupled with effort of course), what else do we have?

‘…we still have the right to go on hoping for a better future’
E.H. Gombrich

Know someone who would benefit from the book?

If you know someone (in or near South Wales)  who would like to read and share this book, and whom you believe would benefit from it, please email us at, tweet us at @We_are_lucky or leave a comment below.

We have 20 copies to give away on Tuesday 23rd April and will be arrange a ‘rendez-vous’ where you can pick one up…

Find more about World Book Night here.



Project Portland

We’ve just spent an amazing week working on a project with the fabulous Dr Tim Clark, entrepreneur and author of the career reinvention guide Business Model You,  and Bruce Hazen of Three Questions Consulting in Portland, Oregon.

If you know anything about us, you’ll know we’re passionate about doing work that supports people in finding work they love and that contributes to society and their own happiness, and a project which is aimed at doing just this was right up our street so we jumped at the chance to work with world-leading experts in the field of career development to gain insights with a view to creating something aimed at helping people back here on our home turf in Wales.

So, over the past week we’ve been working intensively on a ‘Strategic Insight Partnership‘ project funded by the Higher Education Funding Council of Wales (HEFCW)  and supported by our institution (University of Wales Trinity St David Swansea Metropolitan) developing a programme that will engage people who have not yet started their careers to take control of their future and design a life for themselves – after all, that’s what we created We Are Lucky for….(see The Lucky Way).

“A career is something to look back on; a life is something to look forward to…”

We believe that a career is something to look back on and a life is something to look forward to, and to this end we’ve come up with a concept and model which will help pre-career individuals find their own way to a fantastic future.

The Core Concepts: ‘Life Design’ and ‘Life Design Studios’

Generating as many ideas as possible on day two of the project.

The outcome of our work was a new way of approaching ‘careers and employability for those  who have not yet started their career.  It’s a holistic view of life and work that give participants the ability to design and take steps to create a life that works for them. We call it ‘Life Design’.

Life Design is a process based on the established methodologies of design thinking and in practical terms will incorporate a wide range of accessible and flexible online and offline resources along with self-directed and tutor-supported learning in both physical and virtual ‘Life Design Studios’. The key here, is that we are creating a programme that is directly relevant to and communicated in a way that is engaging for and adpatable to the differing needs that exist within this diverse group.

What’s next?

We’re really excited to develop this further and are hoping that our institution and others like it will support us in making this happen.

The first stage is a pilot workshop in June 2013 so will let you know how it goes with posts here…watch this space…