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island_friends_intro-01We’re very excited to announce that our Kickstarter Project for the Island Friends children’s book series is now live and accepting pledges from backers!

We’ve got loads of different backer rewards lined up, so there’s something for everyone – whatever you can afford. The limited edition first run will be printed and posted out to backers in November, so they’ll be in plenty of time to give as gifts during the holidays.

What are the books about?

They’re about a very little puffin with a very purple beak!  Well, yes they are, but they’re also about inspiring very young children to take an enterprising attitude to life, and to learn how to do this from nature.  We’re worried that the nation is developing a generation of young people who may not have the skills they need to be independent, self-starting, and adaptable in their changing environment and we wanted to do something about it.

We see nature as the ultimate entrepreneur, and have used nature as the backdrop for our stories for 2-7 year olds aimed at helping them develop enterprising mindsets from an early age.

So, if this is something you feel strongly about too, please click here to find out more and back the project today.

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Island Friends: Books to Inspire Kids to Make Their Own Luck

This is an exciting week for us here at Lucky Towers.  On Sunday 18th August our Kickstarter campaign to fund our first three ‘Island Friends’ children’s books will finally go live.

We’ve spent the last year working on the books alongside our other projects and our jobs and we’re finally ready to go to print.

The books are inspired by the We Are Lucky ethos that you ‘Do What You Love, Love What You Do, and Make Your Own Luck’, and we reckon that the earlier young people start to  believe in themselves and their ability to create happy, successful lives the better.

We also believe that nature provides some of the very best examples of this ‘enterprising’ approach to life, and believe strongly that young people benefit from learning about our natural world from a really young age – after all, they are the ones who will be the future custodians of our wildlife.

So, we’ve aimed these books at the very youngest children, and developed a series of characters based on  natural eco-systems, including our lead character ‘Puffin Pal’ (Pal is the Welsh word for Puffin).

What we need now is backing for the project to fund our first print run, and we aim to achieve this by enabling people to ‘pre-order’ copies of the books via the Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

The project goes live on 18th August, and you’ll be able to find out all about the books, see the characters and pledge your support via the Kickstarter campaign page from that day.

Watch this space or follow us on Twitter or Facebook for notification when the project goes live.

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Quote of the Week…

Quote of the week this week is...“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Seneca

You can call it luck, but we’re firm believers that most of what we may class as a ‘lucky coincidence’ can often be traced back to something we’ve done, an opportunity we’ve been open to, or a connection we’ve made.

If you keep creating things, and keep your eyes and ears open, ‘luck’ normally occurs.

Thanks to our buddy @thelizweston  of Weston Communications for reminding us of this one…


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‘Island Friends’ Update

So, we’ve been quiet for a little while…well it’s the summer and the sun has been shining, and when the sun is shining we, and you, have better things to do than writing and reading blogs, right? :)

In reality we’ve been heads down and working hard to get our children’s book project ready to face the world.

In July we went to Skokholm Island for a few idyllic days staying  in the lighthouse with the fab wardens Rich and Giselle, from whom we learned a huge amount about the island wildlife, and while we were there we edited the three books we have written and illustrated.

Chris hangs the first book out to dry at the Skokholm Lighthouse

The experience we had has enabled us to add so much more detail to the books and we’re at the stage now where we’re really proud of them.

…and when you finish things, things you want people to love as much as you do, you kind of have to put them out there.  This is the scariest part…

So, this week we’ve been working on a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund our first print run, including making the video, writing the story etc. It has been a massive learning curve, but we’re almost ready to go.

The chaos in our ‘ideas room’ before shooting our Kickstarter video

Our plan is to launch it within the next week or so, and we know we’re going to need to spend the next month telling everyone about it.  For a natural introvert, this won’t come easily, so we’re going to need all the help we can get to share the link (if you’re following us on Facebook or Twitter, we apologise in advance for the forthcoming Kickstarter fever…)

Will update you next week…