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thing_to_do-01The Island Friends® stories are designed to help young children develop enterprising mind-sets from their earliest years.  We’ve created a framework of seven key characteristics, the ‘Enterprise Eggs®’, and each of the stories features one or more of these characteristics.

To support teachers, parents and others in education to develop these themes from the stories and link them to the broader curricula for children 7 and under, we’ve developed a series of guides and downloadable resources and activities featuring Puffin Pal and his Island Friends®. Download the guides and resources for free below, and please do send us any ideas you have or pictures of how you’ve used them!

Parent and Teacher Guides

Intro Guide – About the stories and the Enterprise Eggs Framework
Book 1 – Welcome Home Puffin Pal Parent and Teacher Guide
Book 2 – Pal and the Surprise Party Parent and Teacher Guide
Book 3 – Pal’s Journey to the Centre of the Island Parent and Teacher Guide

Downloadable Resources

Puffin Pal Outline
Lucky Island Outline
Storyboard Activity
Creature Cards and Blanks

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