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A few comments and pics from readers, parents, educators and puffin fans…

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Children are reading at home! Children that wouldn’t normally read.” Teacher

Can’t wait to see/have more stories!! Got the puffin pal collection, both kiddies love them (and me)” Parent

My class were really taken with the illustrations for the stories; they loved spotting all the detail in the pictures.” Teacher

How to keep a 19 month old happy – always keep puffin pal in your bag. Works a treat.” Parent

We LOVE our Puffin Pal books!!” Parent

My grand daughters love these books soooooo much.” Grandparent

It works!” Head Teacher

I think if you were to ask any member of the staff about the project, it has been a very big success and had a very positive impact on the pupils and their learning.
Head Teacher

Brilliant, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed.” Teacher

For me this is the most holistic scheme I’ve ever seen. I was in year three a few years before and I haven’t seen something with as much detail and the children remember it as well. I’m amazed.” Teacher

“Staff have felt very engaged with the whole process and parents have also liked the feedback that they’ve had. “ Teacher

I’d love to have one for Autumn, Spring and Summer, because we’ve got so much out of it.“ Teacher

They absolutely loved it.” Teacher

They love it, it went really well! You’re on to a winner with these books! Kids love Pal!” Teacher

Fantastic. The children love Puffin Pal. They look forward to lessons and enjoy the characters, the activities and the sticker rewards.” Teacher

… they love it. The activities are engaging and interesting. They are pitched nicely for them.” Teacher

The excitement is tangible when they see the Island Friends logo appearing on the IWB. The project has inspired even those who sometimes need encouragement to participate.” Teacher

Very engaging. We started with the song every day. *** put it on everyday, the song and the enterprise eggs video and it just got them in the mood.” Teacher

They absolutely loved it. Everything is about Puffin Pal, the parents on parents’ evening, all they talked about was Puffin Pal, because apparently, all they go home and talk about is Puffin Pal. One parent even said, ‘I’m Puffin Pal’d out at the moment!’ But in a good way, because the children have loved it so much.” Teacher

It was lovely for them to have a character to relate to, and a friend for themselves, because everything was related to Puffin Pal. It’s nice for them to have an actual character rather than just a theme.” Teacher

The books were fantastic, I really liked them and the children really liked them, all six of them. ***** came up to me today and said ‘Are there any more Puffin Pal books? Are they going to make any more Puffin Pal books?” Teacher

It’s real, an authentic book. We’re meant to make them read authentic books, despite it being a curriculum linked thing, you’ve written it with joy in mind not with teaching in mind, but they ’ve learned loads.” Teacher

The quality of the resources, the books were beautifully produced, the puppet was gorgeous (and he lasted), the whistle and all the stickers were really high quality resources and the children loved using those.” Teacher

The books are good and you can be enthused by books as a teacher, but an actual pedagogical backbone to it, that’s what made me think this has got some clout you know.” Teacher

All the skills in the national framework, Puffin Pal links to them all in different ways, and you wouldn’t think it from the story originally would you, but you’ve worked so hard and took everything into consideration in that respect so it worked really well.” Teacher

“’s not just the books, because the books are great, the books are fantastic in themselves, but to be backed up by me knowing that it has curriculum links, so I know I’m justified in teaching it. I’m not just saying to the parents now we’re reading about Puffins – I can just go to the files you’ve given and say here’s how it links to the LNF, here’s how it links to the curriculum, and I can tell my head and anyone else who asks.” Teacher

I feel confident. When I go to plan now, I think, Puffin Pal lesson, right, tick. If anyone asks me about it all the links are there – I don’t have to worry about it. I don’t usually have that kind of security when I do my planning. You can tell, just pick a child, pick a random child from my class and you can tell that we’re doing the work.” Teacher

The first time we realised that it was going to be a huge success was when children who wouldn’t normally bring you anything in from home came in having written the song… they were bringing pictures and just information that they ’d found out. If you go into my room, my Puffin Pal work is on my wall, but all around my wall is what they brought in from home; and every child has brought something. Making puffins out of recycled materials, they ’ve literally inundated us with stuff. Even children whose parents don’t encourage them at home, they ’ve just found a scrap of paper, and drawn a puffin and brought it in.” Teacher

You get the classics, Julia Donaldson will go down well, they love the rhyme, but I think about what elements of it are actually good and I link it to something in Puffin Pal. You think about the repetition in Julia Donaldson and the purple beak thing, that kind of repetition is really good, then the visual, the way the book looks, you’ve got the continuity in all the books, aesthetically they ’re all similar like an Oliver Jeffers book. So they ’ve got all those kind of elements – it’s nice.” Teacher



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