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Book 1: Welcome Home Puffin Pal
Puffin Pal and his family make the long journey back to Lucky Island after a winter at sea…but will he make it safely home? A story about imagination, perseverance and having a positive attitude.

Pal_and_the_Surprise_Party_B5_CoverBook 2: Pal and the Surprise Party
Puffin Pal helps to organise a surprise birthday party for his Auntie Pam, and learns that some things are more important than presents… A story about community, being positive, and valuing non-material things.

Pals_Journey_To_The_Centre_Of_The_Island_B5_coverBook 3 – Pal’s Journey to the Centre of the Island
Puffin Pal and his friends go on an adventure as they get lost in the maze of burrows under Lucky Island. A story about seeing possibilities, teamwork, and overcoming challenges.

Puffin Pal and the Golden FeatherBook 4: Puffin Pal and the Golden Feather
After a stormy night on Lucky Island, Puffin Pal finds a mysterious golden feather that leads him and his best friend Roy on another island adventure. A story about helping others, solving problems, and teamwork.

Puffin Pal and the Monster Next DoorBook 5: Puffin Pal and the Monster Next Door
Puffin Pal’s imagination runs wild when he sees a pair of eyes peering out at him from the burrow next to his. Could a monster have moved in next door? A story about imagination, being brave and conquering your fears.

9780992666354Book 6: Buzz Off Puffin Pal!
Puffin Pal is hungry, so he picks bunches of flowers to swap for sand eels with his friends – but the bees aren’t happy…look out Puffin Pal! A story about bouncing back after setbacks, looking after the environment and collaboration.

Our thanks go to the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales for their support in developing these books – please consider becoming a member today to help protect our precious wild places for future generations.

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Island Friends Bookseller and Retailer Guide


Welcome to the Island Friends series of children’s books for ages 2-7.  The books feature ‘Puffin Pal’ (a very little puffin with a very purple beak) and his Island Friends on a series of adventure on ‘Lucky Island’…

We believe in helping young children make their own luck in life and would love to work with retailers and organisations who share these values – so here’s our quick guide to how to become a stockist of the Island Friends series…

Why stock the Island Friends books?

  1. Because it’s risk free, with good margins. We offer a Sale or Return deal with a competitive retailer discount. See ‘The Business Stuff’ below.
  2. Because people love them (who doesn’t love puffins!?).  See ‘Who will buy them?’ below.
  3. Because the books are excellent quality, lovingly crafted, designed and printed to the highest standards here in the UK. See
    ‘What are the books like?’ below.
  4. Because you believe in protecting our natural environment and creating sustainable futures for us all. See ‘Why did we publish these books?’ below.
  5. Because you believe in working with independent authors, artists, designers and publishers – supporting the creative industries and those who set up small businesses. See ‘How did we create the books?’ below.Book_Covers

The Business Stuff

We love working with independent retailers and organisations who share the same values as us.  Our intention is to support sustainable businesses and organisations who make the world a better place.

For retailers and booksellers in Wales we have a distribution agreement with the Welsh Books Council, so if you normally purchase via them, you can order the Island Friends books on a Sale or Return basis in the normal way.

For those outside Wales and other smaller retailers we also sell direct by purchase or Sale or Return, with an agreed retailer discount on the RRP of £7.99 per title.  Some retailers choose to offer the three books as a set for a lower retail price.  We will discuss initial quantities with you and deliver the  books locally free of charge.  We will agree a timeframe for stock checks and invoice you at that time for books sold (30 day payment).

If we agree a Sale or Return approach, we retain ownership of stock, and will keep in touch with you to check on sales and work with you on promotions etc to boost sales.  Any stock damaged in the store will be charged to you at your normal discount.

For larger retailers outside Wales we will discuss terms for purchasing larger quantities, shipping and distribution on a case by case basis.

We’ll always trade honestly and fairly with you, and trust that you will do the same by us. :)

Contact Us

If you’re interested in becoming a stockist please email us (Lucy and Chris) at hello@wearelucky or send us a message via our FB page or Twitter and we’ll get back to you by phone/email as soon as we can.

Who Will Buy Them?

The books have been designed for children aged 2-7 (although we know plenty of adults who also love ‘Puffin Pal’ and his friends).  The books feature characters based on real eco-systems and are ideal for those interested in wildlife, but also for any young children whatever their background.  They make ideal gifts, and are perfect for general gift shops, children’s stores, museums and wildlife-based attractions.

Parents and teachers love the ‘enterprise eggs’ concept which encourages children to ‘make their own luck’ in life, and the books are currently being used in several primary schools.  We are also developing additional teaching resources and parent/child activities which will be  available to download from our web site.

Here are just a couple of reviews and quotes about the books (for more see our FB page):

“The Island Friends stories offer a fantastic way for very young children to learn about wildlife and our natural environment whilst also developing those enterprising skills they will need to survive and adapt in our rapidly changing world. They’ll be a great resource for educators and for parents and guardians in helping children engage with these issues from their earliest years.”
Llinos Richards, Education Officer, Natural Resources Wales.

“We think they are fantastic.”
Giselle Eagle and Richard Brown, Skokholm Island Wardens.

“In the last two weeks, Puffin Pal has suddenly become his favourite book to read at bedtime!”
Al (Dad to Connor)

Read a recent review of the books by ‘Clever Tykes’

Why did we publish these books?

We believe that if children learn to be self-starters from a young age, they’ll be better equipped to ‘make their own luck’ in life, and that nature is the best example of this spirit in action.
We couldn’t find any books for young children out there that were aimed specifically at developing enterprising mindsets and ‘self-efficacy’ from their earliest years.
We also know how amazing nature is as an example of enterprising characteristics such as innovation, creative problem solving, adaptability, overcoming adversity and sheer perseverance.
We’ve brought these together in books that are fun, vibrant and engaging for young children (ages 2 to 7), but which also have really positive messages about the environment and a ‘make your own luck’ approach to life.
The Island Friends series of books, learning materials, games and resources, are stories with a purpose. They aim to instil in very young children an independent, enterprising and adventurous spirit, whilst also helping them learn about the natural environment.

What are the books like?

Self-publishing this first print run enabled us to retain control over the quality of the materials used and make sure the books are as wonderful as we wanted them to be.

We believe strongly in hand-crafted work, and wanted to make these books as beautiful as they are engaging.  We also want to make sure they have a low impact on the environment and that they are sourced and printed locally.  All books have ISBNs and barcodes for use with EPOS systems.

The Three Hardback Books


So, we found a wonderful, traditional print company – Gomer Press – and have worked closely with them on the specifications to ensure excellent quality, and a format that is comfortable for little hands to hold.  The hardback books are beautifully presented, and printed locally here in Wales on a lovely quality FSC approved paper stock. 


We’ve designed these books to be read either alone or with an adult and at 32-36 pages each, they are perfect as a bedtime story that you can talk through or interact with as you progress.  They’re B5 sized (17cm high x 24.5cm wide), and the bold covers make them look great on the shelf.  We’re working on Point Of Sale material (e.g. stands, shelf-talkers, augmented reality) – and are looking for retailers who would like to give feedback on this, so please let us know if you’d be willing to help with this.

How did we create the books?

We’ve spent the last year developing the characters, stories and artwork – writing and storyboarding, hand-making each character in felt, scanning them in, and completing the illustrations on screen.

Puffin Pal…from sketch…to felt…to screen…

sketch screen


The stories are located on and around an island we call ‘Lucky Island’, which is inspired by the islands off the Pembrokeshire Coast in our native Wales. So, we’ve tried to show the amazing creatures that populate these islands in the stories, which include information about the Manx Shearwaters, Razorbills, Guillemots, Kittiwakes, Fulmars, and other wildlife in ways that will help young children appreciate the need to protect their habitats for future generations.

Watch the video to find out more about the Islands

Each animal has its own unique abilities, but above all they are adaptable and enterprising. We wanted to make our stories simple yet meaningful, and create visuals that feel accessible to children who might want to draw or make their own characters and stories.

Simple shapes and natural materials like felt are used alongside digital techniques.

Creating the characters in our ‘Ideas Room’

The chaos in our 'ideas room' before shooting our Kickstarter video

We tested a prototype edition and continued to refine the books, spending time on Skokholm island to develop the characters and do some final editing (with the help of the fab folks at the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales – particularly Skokholm wardens Rich and Giselle – check out their blog here).

Final editing of the books at the Skokholm Island Lighthouse

Chris hangs the first book out to dry at the Skokholm Lighthouse

We used the crowdfunding platform ‘Kickstarter’ to fund our initial print run and gain pre-orders for the first three books, and gained national press coverage in the process.



You can check out the archived Kickstarter Project here.



Contact Us

If you’re interested in becoming a stockist please email us (Lucy and Chris) at hello@wearelucky or send us a message via our FB page or Twitter and we’ll get back to you by phone/email as soon as we can.

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Back Our Kickstarter Project!

island_friends_intro-01We’re very excited to announce that our Kickstarter Project for the Island Friends children’s book series is now live and accepting pledges from backers!

We’ve got loads of different backer rewards lined up, so there’s something for everyone – whatever you can afford. The limited edition first run will be printed and posted out to backers in November, so they’ll be in plenty of time to give as gifts during the holidays.

What are the books about?

They’re about a very little puffin with a very purple beak!  Well, yes they are, but they’re also about inspiring very young children to take an enterprising attitude to life, and to learn how to do this from nature.  We’re worried that the nation is developing a generation of young people who may not have the skills they need to be independent, self-starting, and adaptable in their changing environment and we wanted to do something about it.

We see nature as the ultimate entrepreneur, and have used nature as the backdrop for our stories for 2-7 year olds aimed at helping them develop enterprising mindsets from an early age.

So, if this is something you feel strongly about too, please click here to find out more and back the project today.

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