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Book 1: Welcome Home Puffin Pal
Puffin Pal and his family make the long journey back to Lucky Island after a winter at sea…but will he make it safely home? A story about imagination, perseverance and having a positive attitude.

Pal_and_the_Surprise_Party_B5_CoverBook 2: Pal and the Surprise Party
Puffin Pal helps to organise a surprise birthday party for his Auntie Pam, and learns that some things are more important than presents… A story about community, being positive, and valuing non-material things.

Pals_Journey_To_The_Centre_Of_The_Island_B5_coverBook 3 – Pal’s Journey to the Centre of the Island
Puffin Pal and his friends go on an adventure as they get lost in the maze of burrows under Lucky Island. A story about seeing possibilities, teamwork, and overcoming challenges.

Puffin Pal and the Golden FeatherBook 4: Puffin Pal and the Golden Feather
After a stormy night on Lucky Island, Puffin Pal finds a mysterious golden feather that leads him and his best friend Roy on another island adventure. A story about helping others, solving problems, and teamwork.

Puffin Pal and the Monster Next DoorBook 5: Puffin Pal and the Monster Next Door
Puffin Pal’s imagination runs wild when he sees a pair of eyes peering out at him from the burrow next to his. Could a monster have moved in next door? A story about imagination, being brave and conquering your fears.

9780992666354Book 6: Buzz Off Puffin Pal!
Puffin Pal is hungry, so he picks bunches of flowers to swap for sand eels with his friends – but the bees aren’t happy…look out Puffin Pal! A story about bouncing back after setbacks, looking after the environment and collaboration.

Our thanks go to the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales for their support in developing these books – please consider becoming a member today to help protect our precious wild places for future generations.

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Infographic: The Social Enterprise Economy

How many social enterprises are there in the UK?
What contribution do social enterprises make to the economy and our society?
Our mini-infographic has the low-down…

The Social Enterprise Economy Infographic (Thumbnail)

Spread the Word

We think Social Enterprises are brilliant.  If you do too, put this infographic on your web site for free by copying and pasting in the embed code below and linking back to this page.

Happy Days.

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<div style=”width: 420px”><a href=””/><img src=”http://”alt=”The UK’s Social Enterprise Economy Infographic” /></a><br/>Infographic authored by <a href=””>We Are Lucky Ltd</a> View the original<a href=””> here</a>.</div>

New Law is Great News for Social Enterprises

We think it’s great news for social enterprises and organisations with a social mission that from January 31st 2013 Public Services in England and Wales will have a legal obligation to take into consideration the Social Value of the services they buy.

The new legislation, the Public Services (Social Value) Act, means that when making purchasing decisions and specifying tender criteria for contracts, public services will always have to consider the social impact of the organisations they buy from.

More Social Enterprises Delivering our Public Services

We hope this means that many more social enterprises will be able to win public sector contracts, and so be able to further enhance their positive impact on society.

We like a win/win outcome!

For more information about the Act and guides on how it will affect both Public Service providers and social enterprises check out the factfiles on the Social Enterprise UK Website.

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