Making Lucky Work

In order to be able to provide services and support for individuals, organisations and communities we have to generate funding.

We want this business to be sustainable and not reliant handouts.

Here’s how…

Lucky Services:  Whenever you pay for a Lucky service (marketing and business support, education, events), you help fund our work.

Lucky Products:  We’re developing our own products alongside our work on Lucky and the plan is that whenever you buy a Lucky product, you will help fund our work.

Lucky Community:  Whenever you participate in our online community, give your time to a Lucky project or event follow an advertiser’s link on the Lucky web site you help support or fund our work.

We will use the income from Lucky products and services to help fund the time and resources needed to run Lucky projects and provide support for other organisations with a similar mission.

Where are we now?

We’re right at the start of our journey…we know that we need find ways to generate income to fund our community work first, so we’re busy working to develop our products and services and to gain contracts for work using the skills we have.

Once we’re up and running, we’ve got a whole series of projects we’d like to support and work on – everything from enterprise education in the South Wales valleys, ‘design your life’ workshops to deprived communities and recording and sharing campfire conversations with inspiring people to working with start-up companies in Africa.

Once we’re sustainable, we can really get going.

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