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The Lucky Way

At Lucky we like to live and work in a way that fits with our values.

We don’t always get it right, but this is how we try to do things.

It’s all about appreciating what you have and making a life where you work hard but love what you do, so every day is a ‘Lucky Day’.

There are 12 key principles which we call the Lucky Way…

#1 Do what you love, love what you do:

We believe work and life are not separate, if you love what you do, you will want to keep doing it every day.

#2 Make your own luck:

We make our own luck, by working hard and taking opportunities when they present themselves.  We believe we are responsible for our own health and happiness, and we’re not afraid to graft for it.

#3 Design your life, make sure it fits:

We like to think we can design our own lives so we can live the way we want to…every day.

#4 Live light:

We don’t need much to live on, freedom, challenging work and a supportive community around us.

We measure our success by the impact we have on others and how happy we are, not by the money we make or the things we own.

#5 Believe in people:

We like to think most people are good people, so we start with that in mind.

We try to trust our own instincts and will only work with people who we believe in.

#6 No lies please: 

We like honesty; there’s a ‘no lies’ rule at Lucky Towers.

So, if we have a meeting and we invite you over for dinner (which we usually do), be open and honest with us…no double-talk or hanging back.

Oh, and take your shoes off when you come in please, don’t worry, we provide slippers…

#7 Laugh in the face of…(insert bad thing):

We reckon most of the bad stuff in life is driven by fear, so if you’re not afraid of anything, you’re in a pretty good place.

We try to laugh at our problems and just keep on going, because “A life lived in fear is a life half-lived”.

#8 Just Do Stuff: 

We believe in experiencing life, not chasing a dream.

Happy lives are lives lived, so we like to get out there and do stuff…

#9 Push On:

If things go wrong, we pick ourselves up, learn from it and move on.

We’d rather give it a go and fail than not be brave enough to try.

#10 Embrace New Ideas: 

We’re always looking for new ideas and opportunities – and we usually get these by keeping an open mind looking around us.

#11 Share the Luck:

We like to share stuff – we work better together and we want everyone to benefit from what we can offer.

“The more I give to thee, the more I have” (William Shakespeare)

#12 Strong Roots, Wide Branches: 

We like to build collaborative communities of like-minded people who have skills they can share.

There are things we’re good at, and things we’re not, so we know when we need help and we’re not afraid to ask for it.

Share The Luck…

So that’s it…the Lucky Way.  If you like it…tell us below…or on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Pinterest and if you’d like to share the luck don’t be shy.

Right now we’re on the lookout for inspiring stories to take part in our ‘Campfire discussion’ – so if yours is a good one, get in touch.

If you want to find our more about We Are Lucky or just say hello, contact Lucy or Chris at



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