Experiences V Outcomes

Crane and toothpicks...maybe not the fastest way to fill a jar...Ok, so this may not be the fastest way to fill a jar with toothpicks…nor is it the most efficient…but it”s so much fun!

Life is kind of like that too.

Of course there are times when doing things quickly and efficiently count. But for lots of the stuff we do on an everyday basis there is also value in doing something well, play casino with care, or just in a way that makes it fun.

Do Differently, Think Differently

Contuning to view the things we do on a day to day basis through the eyes of a child, playing with them, enjoying them, and imagining new ways of doing them can be both enjoyable and rewarding.

Sometimes the best ideas come out of thinking differently about how we do seemingly ordinary things and by doing so we can learn to live more in the present than in the world where deadlines and delivery drag us down.

So, our challenge to you today is to work out a way to do a simple task in a different, creative way.

Send us your pics, tell us your stories, but mostly, just have fun with it.

We did…and our jar filled up in the end.