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Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage people and communities to design and create better lives by ‘making their own luck’.

What Does That Mean?

Well…we have a big vision for Lucky, and more ideas and plans than you can shake a stick at…but here’s the back of an envelope version.

We believe that everyone can have a happy, fulfilled, and productive working life if they…

  • Can identify their passion.
  • Are willing to work hard to pursue it.
  • Get the right kind of support.

We Are Lucky has a mission to help people achieve this through…

  • Providing a community of support and services for everyone trying to make their own luck.
  • Helping people find their passion and pursue it.
  • Providing inspiration, information and experiences to build ‘can do’ mindsets.

Making it Sustainable…

  • We believe in helping people to help themselves and want to dedicate our lives to this work.  We call it ‘The Lucky Way.’
  • We could have tried to do this by joining a public sector organisation or charity, but we think we can have a greater impact and achieve more by funding our work on a commercial basis by creating and offering a range of ‘paid for’ products and services.
  • The money we earn from these products and services will fund the time and resources needed to help people and communities make their own luck.

You can support We Are Lucky by buying our products and services, offering your time and support in inspiring others to make their own luck, and/or just spreading the message that you can achieve a happy, fulfilled life, if you go out there and make it happen for yourself.

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