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Who We Are

So you’re wondering who is behind this Lucky thing?  Well, we’re just a couple of people who believe that if you get out of bed in the morning and do the stuff you love then you can’t go far wrong…

ChrisChris Thomas (

  • Designer and former University Lecturer
  • Opportunity junkie and problem solver
  • Gets stuff done that no-one else thinks is possible
  • Sees in pictures
  • And..has a not-so-secret (any more) kitchen utensil addiction


LucyLucy Griffiths (

  • Writer, editor, marketer and former University Lecturer
  • Loves language, creative people and all things purple
  • Thinks about things…a lot…
  • Gets out of bed at 5am because there is ‘stuff to do’
  • One ‘k’ away from being Lucky

Basically, we’re both communicators, problem solvers, and people-helpers and we work best together, sorting out people’s problems and helping them get their messages across.

Qualifications and Experience

We have a whole bunch of qualifications and experience in all kinds of jobs too, so if you’re interested in that sort of stuff find us on LinkedIn or ask us about it, but we reckon it’s who you are and what you do today that counts…so all you really need to know is that Lucy does the words, Chris does the pictures..and that we both want to make the world a better place.

No fuss, no stress, just people getting on with it, and doing the best job we can.

PS: The sketches of us on this page are by our fab illustrator buddy, Karl Mountford.



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