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Applying Design Thinking In Your Organisation

BMC_Consultancy-01 We believe that applied design thinking can be an incredibly powerful force within organisations of all types. We work with businesses, education providers and non-profits to help them create business models, plans, s

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Island Friends for Schools

Island_Friends_Pilot-02 We developed the Island Friends stories as a way of supporting teachers and families to teach little ones about behaviours and attitudes that will help them in life.  Each story links to the framework we call the 'Enter

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Stockists List

Puffin Pal and the Monster Next Door Where can you buy the Island Friends books? Buy online here - or pop into one of these fabulous stores... Broad Haven, Pembs Purely Pembrokeshire Cardiff National Museum Cardiff Cardigan Cardigan Bay M

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Island Friends: Books to Inspire Kids to Make Their Own Luck

The chaos in our 'ideas room' before shooting our Kickstarter video This is an exciting week for us here at Lucky Towers.  On Sunday 18th August our Kickstarter campaign to fund our first three 'Island Friends' children's books will finally go live. We've spent the last year working

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Who We Are So you’re wondering who is behind this Lucky thing?  Well, we're just a couple of people who believe that if you get out of bed in the morning and do the stuff you love then you can't go far wrong... Chris Thomas

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Lucky Project

We Are Lucky at TEDx

TEDx_Swansea-01 We were really excited that We Are Lucky Co-founder Lucy was invited to speak at this year's TEDx Swansea.  We love TED and were really honoured to be a part of such a successful event in Swansea alongside some othe

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Welcome to Island Friends!

Buy_Island_Friends_Books-01 Inspiring Kids to Make their Own Luck We believe that if children learn to be self-starters from a young age, they'll be better equipped to 'make their own luck' in life, and that nature is the best example of this spir

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Introducing Woodland Friends!

Wooldland_Friends_Logo-01 Since we published the Island Friends books, we've been secretly hatching a plan to develop stories linked to other eco-systems that could help children learn more about their local environment. Whilst we've still go

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Free and Fun Activities

thing_to_do-01 The Island Friends® stories are designed to help young children develop enterprising mind-sets from their earliest years.  We've created a framework of seven key characteristics, the 'Enterprise Eggs®', and each of th

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The Lucky Way At Lucky we like to live and work in a way that fits with our values. We don't always get it right, but this is how we try to do things. It's all about appreciating what you have and making a life where you work ha

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The Island Friends Bookshop

book_store-01 Order the Island Friends books below via PayPal or your credit/debit card. P&P prices are for delivery within the UK only (please email us for International Shipping info).   ****SPECIAL HALF PRICE OFFER!**** B

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More Island Adventures!

Shearwater_chick The next three adventures for Puffin Pal and his Island Friends are go! We've just returned from a fantastic few days on Skokholm Island off the Pembrokeshire coast, where we've started writing again. Skokholm and

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Island Friends Bookseller and Retailer Guide

Stock_Our_Books-01 Welcome to the Island Friends series of children's books for ages 2-7.  The books feature 'Puffin Pal' (a very little puffin with a very purple beak) and his Island Friends on a series of adventure on 'Lucky Island'...

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Watch This: Why We Need to Teach Thinking Skills

Stop_Stealing_Dreams-01 Are we teaching young people to be followers not leaders? We've been reading Seth Godin's 'Stop Stealing Dreams' this week - and as a result discovered this brilliant TEDx talk from Dr Derek Cabrera. Dr Cabrera explains

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